The Kealopiko Team

our company

Jamie - Kiai o ka loko ia, videographer extraordinaire, basketball star, krumper, anake in training, past piko.

Ane - Kiai o ka aina, botanist extraordinaire, fashionista, mea lomi, surfah, supah anake, present piko.

Hina - Kiai o ka olelo, botanist in action, mea lomi, salsera, clown, walaau queen, future piko.

Our name

Ke alopiko, the belly of the fish, was prized by Hawaiians of old who recognized it as the choicest part of the animal - the place that was momona, fat or sweet. The alo, or the front of the body, is what we present to the world; the piko in the center of our own bellies is the one that connects us to the present, to our living relatives, and to those with whom we share space. We believe that images from the rich natural and cultural heritage of Hawaii are the perfect things for adorning the alo (as well as the kua), and that they should be shown proudly to the world. Thus, we strive to bring to your kino (body) the choicest Hawaiian-inspired clothing possible. We hope you will wear it and share it with aloha.

I ka piko no oe lihaliha!

Eat of the belly and you will be satisfied.

P.O.Box 698
Kaunakakai, HI 96748
Ph: 808.393.8280/808.553.5778
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