Kealopiko Moi + Pua | Unisex Tee - ice blue

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100% Organic cotton | Unisex tee | Designed in Hawaiʻi nei | Made in the USA

Kihi Po'ohiwi Umauma Uala Lō'ihi
Unisex Tee Shoulders Chest Bicep Back Length
XS 18" 40"-42" 16"-17" 25"
S 19" 42"-44" 16"-17" 26"
M 20" 42"-44" 16"-17" 27"
L 21" 44"-45" 16"-17" 28"
XL 21" 46"-47" 19"-20" 29"
2XL 21" 48"-49" 19"-20" 30"
3XL 21" 50"-51" 21"-22" 30"


"Ke alopiko" means "the belly of the fish." This māhele momona (fat and sweet section) was prized by Hawaiians of old who recognized it as the choicest part of the animal, as in this ʻōlelo noʻeau (traditional saying): I ka piko nō ʻoe lihaliha - Eat of the belly and you will be satisfied. Breaking the word alopiko down reveals further layers of meaning. The alo, or the front of the body, is what we present to the world. The piko, or navel, where we once were connected to our mothers in the womb, is the piko that connects us to the present, to our living relatives, and to those with whom we share space (there are 2-3 other piko on the body, depending on who you ask). We believe the perfect things for adorning the alo and the kua (back) and for inspiring the waihona noʻonoʻo (mind) are designs honoring the rich natural and cultural heritage of Hawaiʻi. We also believe in minimizing our impact on the ʻāina (land) and kai (sea), so we use eco-friendly materials and donate a percentage of our profits to organizations aligned with our mission (learn more about us at Our logo is the moi, a sweet and delicious fish that was highly prized by our ancestors and is still sought after today. Like ʻawa and ʻanae, moi feeds on limu (algae) and is often cultivated in fish ponds.